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Why Summer is a Great Time for Family Photos | Wheaton, Illinois Family Photographer


It is no secret that May to November is busy season for photographers, and fall is the busiest season. Still, summer is a perfect time for family photos! Here are three reasons why.

  1. The world is alive! I cannot argue that fall in the Midwest isn’t beautiful, but summer is beautiful too! Look at the Queen Anne’s Lace, daisies, and lush greenery in every one of these photos. These photos were taken in July at Blackwell Forest Preserve, where we saw a little snake, played next to the river, and enjoyed nature!
  2. The days are longer and the weather is a little more reliable. The likelihood of landing a sunny day (aka a dreamy golden hour) is higher in the summer than in the fall.
  3. With kids out of school, family photos are a fun evening activity! Oftentimes, my families get ice cream after their photo session. SO FUN!
xo, Tyrie

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