6. I love to read! Non-fiction is the love of my life, specifically pertaining to Calvin Coolidge, the presidents, German history, WWII, and church history.
7. I love long walks and spending time outside! I am a big outdoors and hardcore summer camp girl. Skiing is my favorite activity; I dream of living closer to the mountains! I've also gotten into skating recently (see my recent headshots).
8. I studied history at Wheaton College and it was the BEST!
9. My favorite holiday is Reformation Day. A Mighty Fortress hits different in October, am I right?!
10. I have been a photographer for over 9 years. 
11. My favorite store is Madewell.
12. I LOVE my job! Seriously... it is the best job on planet earth!

1. I have visited almost every Presidential library. If I wasn't a photographer, I would want to work at the National Archives. 
2. My sweet bichon frise, Daffodil, is 18.
3. One time, I send a Supreme Court Justice a birthday card and received a handwritten note back.
4. I listen to an EXORBITANT amount of Taylor Swift. My current favorites are: The Other Side of the Door, Would've Could've Should've, Out of the Woods (THE BRIDGE AHHH), Gorgeous, The Way I Loved You, Getaway Car, ATW 10 Minute, Marjorie, and You're On Your Own Kid.
5. I also listen to an exorbitant amount of Harry Styles and One Direction. It's my jam!!! In fact, I am such a big Harry fan that I convinced one of my friends to go to South Korea and Japan with me just to see him in concert. :O 

here are 12 fun facts about me:

Your #1 Fan, Taylor Swift discography connoisseur, and owner to an 18 year old dog. 

Hi! I’m Tyrie.

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I provide you with meaningful photos, encouragement in front of the camera, impeccable portraits where you look and feel like you (your best self), photos of unmanufactured moments and feelings, and photos where you are reminded how deeply loved you are by all of your favorite people.

I love weddings because your marriage is important, and thus worthy of being kicked off in the best possible way, with so many friends and family who love and care about you and came from near and far to celebrate you and your story as a couple!!! 
Everybody is concerned that they will be awkward in front of a camera. It's not just you. I will provide you with instruction so that you look and feel confident and incredible.
I provide photos of real, raw, unmanufactured joy and emotion, knowing when to interject with direction and when to be a fly on the wall. 
Ultimately, my hope for your wedding photography experience is that you will feel seen, cared for, encouraged, at ease, and that your photos will remind you that you are so, so loved by your spouse, friends, and family. That will shine through your wedding photos!

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